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Game Thread #122: Brewers (70-51) at Padres (46-74)

Here's a fun indicator of the relative strength of the NL Central and West divisions: the Dodgers and D-Backs are tied in first place at 61-59. You know who else has that record? The Astros, who are 12 games back, and 8.5 games behind us.

That said, of course, the universe will reward me for pointing out the weakness of the division by having the Padres crush the Brewers. (If I admit that, do I cancel it out?) The pitching matchup is certainly one worth watching: Ben Sheets takes on Jake Peavy.

Game time is 2:35 CT, and here's the BR Game Preview. Against all common sense, Craig Counsell has a .955 career OPS (in 39 PAs) against Peavy.

Go Brewers!