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Game Thread #124: Brewers (70-53) at Dodgers (63-59)

Is it just me, or LA where high-profile free-agents go to fly under the radar and play mediocre baseball? Sure, Manny is the in the news now, but there'll be much less drama (I suspect) now that he's out of Boston. Even somebody like Rafael Furcal, who had a great season before getting hurt, seems like he disappeared from the headlines.

This occurred to me because of tonight's starter, Derek Lowe. Lowe is good, not great, and I feel like this is about the fifth time I've heard his name since he left Boston after the 2004 season. Maybe I'm just succumbing to the ESPN east-coast bias.

The Brewers will send Dave Bush to the mound against Lowe. Bush's ERA is all the way down to 4.35--it seems like he can't decide whether to make projection systems look bad because they're too optimistic, or bad because they're too pessimistic. My system forecasted a 4.46 ERA for him, but I'll happily be wrong if his performance keeps heading in the same direction.

Game time is 9:10 CT, and here's the BR Game Preview.

Go Brewers!