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BCB Interview: unsigned RHP Colt Farrar

Watching the scramble to sign draft picks as the August 15 deadline approached, Brewers fans could sit back and relax, knowing their team had already signed its first 26 draft picks and 36 of their 54 picks overall. But what of the unsigned 18? One player the Brewers did make a late, and ultimately unsuccessful, effort to sign as the deadline neared was 32nd-round prep righty Colt Farrar. Here are the details.

BCB: I hear the Brewers made a late run at trying to sign you.

CF: Yeah, they offered 100 [thousand] to start, then came back with 180. And of course school would be paid for too.

BCB: And what were you looking for?

CF: Well, I really wanted to play pro, but if a team doesn't get up around 350 then they don't have to commit to you, and you will just get filled in for by someone else the next year. 180 is nothing to a pro team. I mean, it sounds like lots of money, but you lose 30% to tax, then have to live off it for the next few years if you make it to the team, and that's just as hard as getting drafted. So I guess my price was 350.

BCB: What round were you hoping to go in?

CF: Well, I wanted to be in the top 15 and was told that I would be by one of the Brewers scouts. He actually told me around 8th to 10th. It's a team's job to get the top 15 [picks] signed; after that, it's just bonus, and also the Brewers had lots and lots of early picks.

BCB: Did they give you any reason why you fell to the 32nd round?

CF: Yeah, they were really trying to get lots of pitching this year

BCB: Were any other teams interested in you?

CF: Yeah, I talked to lots. I mean, it's really hard to tell, though, because everyone kinda tells you what you want to hear. I threw for lots of scouts.

BCB: Can you describe what you throw?

CF: Low-90s four-seam fastball, upper-80s two-seam, 76 to 78 MPH curve, 81 to 84 MPH slider, 80 MPH change. I don't throw my change much, because my control's off with that pitch.

BCB: Did you consider going to a juco?

CF: Yeah, I signed with San Jacinto and was almost 100% sure I was going there, but the new coach at [Texas] Tech, [Dan] Spencer, really has a good idea about stuff, and I really feel like I'm going to get to pitch there as a freshman because he's trying to turn the team around. He took over this year, and if he wouldn't have, I wouldn't have gone to Tech.

BCB: What about Coach Spencer's ideas did you like so much?

CF: He's really down to earth. Recruiting is a game, and most coaches will say anything to get you—promise the moon and then give nothing. I really feel like he'll stand by his word.

BCB: Well it's great that you found a good situation. Best of luck in the future.

CF: Thanks.