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Game Thread #132: Brewers (76-55) at Cardinals (73-59)

It's Ben Sheets against Todd Wellemeyer tonight, in what feels like a pretty big game. Sheets could use a good start to get the fans back on his side, and it seems like a sweep of this two-game series would pretty much be a knockout blow to St. Louis' playoff hopes. Also, as ol Pete pointed out, it is the battle of young and hip versus the old and stodgy:
Whether it was Ryan Braun's strut after his game-winning home run in the series finale or the Brewers' celebratory untucking of their jerseys after each win, that series added heat to a percolating rivalry.

"We're not fans of those guys," one Cardinal said.

I suddenly feel a kinship with Derek Jeter--it's nice to be good enough that people feel they have to justify their dislike and so drum up a bunch of resentment about small things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Click here and revel in it.

Don't forget to check out the BR Game Preview. The Brewers' lineup is their standard one against righties, except for Ray Durham replacing Rickie Weeks at the top of the order. Game time is 7:15 Central.