Will the Brewers have money to spend?

I took a little time to compile the list below of 2008 salaries and projected (or actual, for players already under contract) salaries for 2009. 

A couple of notes:

1. for Sabathia and Durham, I only included the salary that the Brewers have to pay

2. in the "09 Option" column, Arb2, for example, means that the player will be entering his second arbitration year this upcoming offseason; FA is free agent; Club is club option on the 09 Salary listed

3. I'm not sure if the contracts given to guys like Callix Crabbe and Randy Choate count against what we normally consider 'payroll', because they are more veteran minor league deals.  either way, they would only shave $1mm off this years total

4. for guys in arbitration, i estimated the best i could based on what some other players got.  the estimation on Prince's salary could be high or low based on how you look at it.  i think he takes a little hit this season, but he's still a lot younger than Ryan Howard.  for J.J., i used Joe Crede's in his second arb year because he was a comparable player.

Please feel free to correct me or 'weigh in' because i just did my best -- i am no expert.

NAME                POS     08 SALARY         09ProjSal        09 Option
Sheets, Ben        SP     $11,000,000.00      $-                      FA
Sabathia, CC      SP     $4,950,000.00       $-                         FA
Gagne, Eric        RP     $10,000,000.00      $-                       FA
Suppan, Jeff       SP     $8,500,000.00      $12,500,000.00    
Durham, Ray      2B     $2,541,000.00      $-                          FA
Cameron, Mike   CF     $4,980,000.00      $10,000,000.00     Club
Hall, Bill              3B     $4,800,000.00      $6,800,000.00    
Kendall, Jason     C     $5,250,000.00       $4,600,000.00    
Riske, David       RP     $4,000,000.00      $4,250,000.00    
Capuano, Chris    SP     $3,750,000.00      $3,750,000.00    
Mota, Guillermo   RP     $3,200,000.00      $-                           FA
Torres, Salomon  RP     $3,200,000.00      $3,750,000.00     Club
Counsell, Craig    IF     $2,800,000.00      $3,400,000.00     Club
Hardy, J.J.          SS     $2,650,000.00      $4,500,000.00     Arb2
Bush, Dave        SP     $2,550,000.00      $3,750,000.00     Arb2
Shouse, Brian    RP     $2,000,000.00      $-                             FA
Weeks, Rickie    2B     $1,057,000.00      $2,000,000.00      Arb2
Kapler, Gabe       OF     $800,000.00      $-                              FA
McClung, Seth    RP     $750,000.00      $1,000,000.00       Arb2
Braun, Ryan        OF     $455,050.00      $745,000.00    
Fielder, Prince     1B     $670,000.00      $8,500,000.00        Arb1
Branyan, Russell  IF     $400,000.00      $-                              FA
Nix, Laynce         OF     $475,000.00      $-                            Arb2
Hart, Corey          OF     $444,000.00      $2,750,000.00       Arb1
Gallardo, Yovani   SP     $404,000.00      $450,000.00        Pre-Arb
Rivera, Mike          C     $395,000.00       $410,000.00        Pre-Arb
Dillon, Joe            UT     $393,000.00      $-                           FA
Munson, Eric         C     $525,000.00        $-                            FA
Crabbe, Callix       IF     $390,000.00        $-      
Choate, Randy     RP     $500,000.00      $-      
Turnbow, Derrick  RP     $3,200,000.00      $-                        FA
Parra, Manny       SP     $392,000.00       $444,000.00       Pre-Arb
                                    $87,421,050.00      $73,599,000.00     


So, it looks as if we'll have 'freed up' $14mm, but that assumes that Attanasio wants to keep spending that much. 

I would guess that we have to spend a little bit on a SP somewhere, given the nigh departure of our two best pitchers, and the uncertain health of several others.

I also assumed that, at this point, we are set to pick up Cameron's option.  He's exceeded my expectations, I don't know about y'all.