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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

I had a Nutrisoda yesterday. It was fantastic. Then the Brewers won. I went online and ordered a case.

Win Expectancy Graph
BR Box Score

Ok, I'm as eager as anybody to move on, but most of today's most interesting Brewer links are still about Fielder/Parra, so let's bust out some more bullet points: I know we're all sick of conversations about Fielder's diet too, but Red Hot Mama has a post on Fielder's caloric intake that actually raises interesting questions.

Does it seem to you like the Brewers might be on pace to set a single-season record for solo home runs? They're not.

If Corey Hart stays hot, pretty soon we'll all be stealing hairstyle ideas from Vanilla Ice.

The Canadian Olympic team won't return from Beijing until after the signing deadline, so the Brewers went ahead and signed Brett Lawrie yesterday. If his Olympic performance is anything like his triple-crown winning performance in the Junior World Championships, his stock should go up pretty fast.

On injuries:

Joba Chamberlain is going to see Dr. James Andrews.
Blue Jays utilityman Joe Inglett missed yesterday's game with "a wonky left knee." Apparently medical terminology is different in Canada.
O's OF Adam Jones has a broken foot and is likely out for the year.
Billy Wagner is on the DL with a strained forearm.
Rangers closer C.J. Wilson is headed to the DL with bone spurs in his elbow.

A mystery has been solved and we can all rest easier.'s real author is...Murray Chass.

I don't know if is banned in China, but I can tell you that is, which will probably make it difficult for him to blog from the Olympics.

Jose de Jesus Ortiz is still upset over Monday's Cubs/Astros game being played through a tornado warning. He's calling for discipline for crew chief Wally Bell, and raises the question of whether the game would have continued if the Cubs were winning. As is frequently the case, MLB has no interest in publicly disclosing their thought process on the matter.

Jim Caple says closer is the most overrated position in sports. His favorite team must have a good one.

Would you like to preserve a piece of history in your home? How about a seat from Shea Stadium? Willing to pay $869 for one? I didn't think so. Consider making an investment in this flood relief charity auction instead.

Drink up.