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Friday's Frosty Mug

It's a quick one today, coming off the off day.

While the team has been hot and cold with runners in scoring position lately, The Junkball Blues notes that all but three Brewer position players are outperforming their expected RBI's. Weeks, Kendall and Counsell are the three underperformers.

Speaking of Weeks, Tyler Maas of Bugs and Cranks says no one was more surprised by his four hits on Wednesday more than Weeks himself.

Dayn Perry waited until after the Brewers had won back to back games to tell us the Fielder-Parra incident won't matter.

Now that they've played a similar number of games, Fangraphs compared Ryan Braun 2007 to Ryan Braun 2008.

Beyond the Box Score lists Angel Salome as one of eight prospects that could contribute in 2009. I doubt he'll fill the "play once a month" role Mike Rivera is filling now, and Jason Kendall will be back, so 2010 seems like a more viable option.

On injuries:

Mets C Ramon Castro left last night's game in the 4th inning with a sore ankle.
Evan Longoria is ok after being hit on the wrist by a pitch last night. Hey, it's a slow news day.
Nats SP Tim Redding was hit with a line drive during BP and suffered a contusion on his quad.

There were two trades yesterday, with the Rays getting Chad Bradford and the Phillies getting Scott Eyre.

With the pending launch of the MLB Network, Biz of Baseball is reporting that MLB is considering lifting some of the blackout restrictions currently in place on MLB.TV and Extra Innings. Finally, fans in Iowa might be able to watch the occasional Brewer, Twin, White Sox, Cub, Royal or Cardinal game.

Dinosaurs invaded US Cellular Field Wednesday. Thankfully, there was no sign of THE SPAZZOSAURUS!

Oh, and Sam Mellinger wants to make sure you know not to be that guy.

Drink up.