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Game Thread #116: Nats (44-71) at Brewers (64-51)

Last Sunday I caught a Reds-Nats game in DC, and Collin Balester (is it possible to have a more British-sounding name and pitch in the major leagues?) limited the Reds to one run. I wasn't in a very good position to see if his stuff was any good, but at least that day, he got the results.

In fact, Balester been surprisingly effective in six major league starts, with an ERA of 4.55. He didn't fare so well in Triple-A--MLE-ize his stats, and you see an equivalent line with an FIP over 6.00. So, presumably, the other shoe will drop.

Going for us is CC Sabathia, who the Nats lineup is surely excited to face.

Game time is 7:05 CT, and here's the BR Game Preview.

Go Brewers!