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Game Thread #117: Nats (44-72) at Brewers (65-51)

Ever since Jim Bowden started experimenting to see whether he could put together a decent starting rotation for the less than the money he has inexplicably given Dmitri Young, I've been fascinated with the strategy and the results. Collin Balester is a guy who probably wouldn't make more than one or two starts on most teams; Garrett Mock (Monday's starter) is another. But on the Nats, they end up in the rotation for half the year.

But...I don't know, in year two of the Tim Redding era, I'm losing interest. At some point, it's just stupid. Or maybe it's just Jim Bowden that's stupid.

Anyway, Redding is starting for the Nats, and Ben Sheets will pitch for us and try to out-snazz his buddy CC.

Game time is 6:05 CT, and here's the BR Game Preview.

Go Brewers!