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Game Thread #137: Mets (76-61) at Brewers (80-56)

One more win, we hit .500. Two more, we guarantee the winning season.

If only I liked tiny samples more, I'd be really excited about this afternoon's matchup. Ben Sheets and Johan Santana go head to head for the second time this year--back in April, Sheeter came out on top.

I don't know exactly when all the callups will be joining the team, but it seems like the Triple-A guys have had time to make it to Milwaukee. Maybe if it's a blowout (unlikely, I know) we'll see the likes of Rottino and Brad Nelson. Mike Rivera, of course, will stick to his usual job of keeping the bench toasty warm.

Game time is 1:05 CT, and here's the BR Game Preview.

Go Brewers!