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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

Morning comes so early when the Brewers don't lose until 11:30.

Win Expectancy Graph
BR Box Score

So here we are again, talking about a disappointing Brewer loss at home to an inferior team that's already been eliminated from the playoffs. It all kind of feels like another ball of yarn.

Tom H. swerved off onto Hyperbole Drive and asks if there is any hope for the 2008 Brewers. Admittedly, I'm as down on this team as anyone right now, but while they're still leading the race for a playoff spot, I'm not quite ready to abandon all hope.

Chuckie Hacks, on the other hand, has swerved in the other direction onto All is Well Boulevard. I don't really think that's any better.

Of course, if neither of those approaches are your style, you could just ceaselessly complain about umpiring.

This is still unlikely, but would've seemed impossible two weeks ago: Baseball Musings has the scenario required for five teams to tie for the NL Wild Card.

Rowland's Office, a Braves blog, has been hearing the suggestion that Ned Yost may eventually replace Bobby Cox in Atlanta, but he makes the case against it. I love the prospect of Ned managing anywhere else.

On injuries:

Adrian Beltre will miss a few days to recover from pain in his damaged thumb, which he's been playing with all season.
Paul Konerko has a sprained MCL in his knee. He'll undergo an MRI today but should only miss a few days.
Brandon Phillips broke his finger on a failed bunt attempt before singling home the winning run last night. He's done for 2008.
Marlins SP Chris Volstad left last night's game in the 3rd inning after being hit in the leg by two different batted balls.

This should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone considering offering a huge contract to a pitcher this offseason: Mike Hampton is still on the Rockies' payroll through the end of the month.

On the other hand, maybe this one isn't a sunk cost after all: Buried in this post on Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly's blog, he notes that Barry Zito has nine wins and three starts remaining this season, and the Giants have avoided losing 100 games.

Mets P Ambiorix Burgos probably won't pitch in the big leagues for a while, and may do some time after being arrested last night for a domestic assault.

Oh, and Joe Posnanski deconstructed the Spiderman song.

Drink up.