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Thursday's Frosty Mug

It feels like it's been months since I've gotten to post a picture of the atrocity to end all atrocities, the dastardly untucking of shirts.

Win Expectancy Graph
BR Box Score

So CC Sabathia pitched pretty well yesterday, all told, but should he have pitched at all? Baseball Musings makes the case that the rotation should have been realigned and he should have pitched today instead.

I haven't seen much for updates, but it's probably safe to assume Gabe Kapler won't play today after straining his shoulder in yesterday's game.

Two potential explanations for the Brewers recent slide today, both strange. Chuckie Hacks quotes Tony Gwynn (Sr.) as blaming the entire thing on "tight booties." The Crawfish Boxes blame the Brett Favre trade.

Baseball Analysts is working on a project to rank the top prospects in baseball. The link goes to discussion on the NL Central.

He's not a prospect, but he is new: The Brewers claimed Todd Coffey off waivers from the Reds yesterday. They did this while the Reds were in town, conveniently, but Coffey still won't join the team until tonight's game in Philadelphia. Take a moment today for quiet contemplation of the Brewer career (and .153/.180/.220 batting line) of Laynce Nix, who was DFA'd to make room for Coffey.

Will Hank Blalock be a Brewer this offseason? It's the first time I've heard his name mentioned, but if he's healthy it seems unlikely he'd take a 1-year deal.

I have no injuries to report today. Weird.

The Cubs start a 3-game series with the Astros tomorrow, but when those three games will be played is anyone's guess. Hurricane Ike is leading to changes and cancellations across the board, and could leave the Cubs playing an afternoon game tomorrow, then riding out the hurricane and waiting until Monday to play a doubleheader to finish the series.

So seven players are joining the Reds from AAA Louisville as late September callups. One problem: Dusty Baker doesn't want to play them. There's nothing like rebuilding with a manager that's in the way.

The Pirates lost last night, so they still need two wins in their last 17 games to avoid 100 losses. Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke is worried they might not make it.

Speaking of futility, Braves C Corky Miller needs two more at-bats to finish the season with 60 plate appearances and a batting average under .100. He'd be the first position player to do it since Enrique Cruz did it as a Brewer in 2003.

And if Corky comes back to play for the Braves next season, he'll do it under Bobby Cox, who will return for one more season.

Some days as I gather links for the Mug I come across something bizarre that completely derails the effort. Today I found two, so I'll share both of them.

Drink up.