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Let's Win a Game Against the Phillies, Please

Not that anybody needs reminding, but we haven't exactly set the league on fire against contenders lately:

  • Sep 1-3 vs NYM: Mets sweep
  • Aug 15-17 @ LAD: Dodgers took 2 of 3
  • July 28-31 vs CHC: Cubs sweep

Now, we're four games up on the Phillies in the Wild Card, and today is the first of a four-game series.  And the Phils will miss Sabathia.  (I don't mind that much--we got our W out of a Sabathia start and we get to keep everybody on schedule.)

The Phillies aren't exactly red-hot either, but they have performed better against strong opponents lately.  Last weekend they took 2 of 3 from the Mets; recently they split a four-game set with the Cubs, and in late August they swept a four-gamer with the Dodgers.

I'm setting the bar low.  I will be happy with a split.  I'll be disappointed if we win one of four, but--let's be honest, folks--if that happens, we will know full well it could've been worse.

And it won't be worse.  Right?