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Game Thread #Whatever: Brewers (whatever) at Reds (whatever)

With every passing sloppy game, we get a little closer to mathematical elimination and early October tee times. I guess, on the bright side, the longer the offseason, the more stories Bob will have to tell instead of doing play-by-play.

Today, we put our hopes behind Seth McClung. If he's lucky, all the other guys on the team will score a run or two, and they won't cough up more than that with the gloves. The Reds are throwing Bronson Arroyo, who has rebounded nicely after a very rough start. In fact, he's got a 2.17 ERA in his last seven starts, the last six of the quality variety, and he's shut us down twice in a row.

Game time is 12:15 CT, and here's the BR Game Preview.

Go Brewers!