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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

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Well, at least for one more day the Brewers have managed to avoid being buried alive.

There were 9 major league games yesterday, here are the important ones:

Cubs 9, Mets 5
Win Probability Graph
BR Box Score

Phillies 6, Braves 2
Win Probability Graph
BR Box Score

So the campaigning has begun for Dale Sveum to have the interim tag removed from his title. His best friend, a former teammate (who plays everyday) and a gritty veteran who reads Goosebumps books think he should stay. Fire Ned Yost is on it.

Speaking of decisions, a decision is also looming regarding the general manager for 2008. Between the Green Pillars says the Brewers either need to retain Doug Melvin or let him go. Is there a third option I was missing? If you missed it yesterday, Jeff made the case for Melvin to stay.

And of course, a decision is also looming on a contract offer for CC Sabathia. The Junkball Blues compiled this list of pitchers who have received a 6-year deal since 1998:
  • Kevin Brown
  • Johan Santana
  • Pedro Martinez
  • Mike Mussina
  • Mike Hampton
  • Barry Zito
It's much less expensive to develop your own ace, in the long run. Hopefully the Brewers can start that process in Appleton, as they officially agreed to terms on a player development deal with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers yesterday. If you happen to be hanging around today and it's around 11, follow that link for live video of the press conference.

Until now, the Timber Rattlers had been a Mariners affiliate. The Mariners will still be in the Midwest League, as they signed a deal with the Clinton Lumberkings yesterday. Clinton has my favorite park in all of minor league baseball.

Baseball Time in Arlington is impressed by the Brewers' decision to give every fan at Thursday's game a free ticket for 2009, and says the Rangers could learn a lot from the Brewers.

The Brewers are 6th (down from 4th) in the WhatifSports Power Rankings.

On injuries:

Carlos Beltran bruised his knee running into the wall in last night's game, but stayed in the game and will likely play tonight.
Reds OF Chris Dickerson is done for the year and will have surgery to correct a stress fracture in his ankle.

Jamie Moyer has thrown 190 effective innings this season at 45 years old. Dave Cameron of FanGraphs says it's not the best pitching season by a 45-year-old ever, but it is the second best.

Despite barely cracking the top ten on his team in VORP, Jason Bartlett has been named the Rays MVP by the local chapter of the BBWAA. Fire Joe Morgan would like to invite some of said writers to spend some time at the bottom of his hot tub.

Oh, and today's a woot-off. Buy cheap electronics responsibly.

Drink up.