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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

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I made a pumpkin pie from scratch yesterday. Started with a pumpkin and a frozen crust, and ended the day with a delicious pie. And the Brewers won. I'm going to need a lot more pumpkins.

Brewers 7, Pirates 5:
Win Probability Graph
BR Box Score

Mets 6, Cubs 2:
Win Probability Graph
BR Box Score

Braves 3, Phillies 2:
Win Probability Graph
BR Box Score

Tom H. says Prince Fielder is pressure-proof. I'm not quite ready to forget his long homerless drought in August and September, but he is hitting .419/.500/1.000 in the 50 plate appearances since it ended. Also, Pirates broadcaster John Wehner predicted his home run last night.

Looking ahead, CC Sabathia returns to the mound on short rest tonight to attempt to keep the season alive. Baseball Musings thinks the Brewers are hurting Sabathia's future by starting him on short rest again. CBS Sportsline's Scott Miller says starting Sabathia early gives the Brewers their best shot. The Junkball Blues does not appreciate Dale Sveum's bullpen usage or short-rest starts.

But, with Sabathia having been acquired by trading a first round pick, and Fielder, Braun, Weeks and Ben Sheets all having been #1's as well, the Brewers are getting more performance out of their first rounders than all but one team in playoff contention.

There mustn't have been much news to discuss at the Brewers/Timber Rattlers press conference yesterday, because this is the big scoop: Brett Lawrie, the Brewers 2008 first round pick, might play in Appleton next season. Just like every other prospect.

Yovani Gallardo was activated off the DL yesterday. All of a sudden, he's being mentioned as a possibility to start Thursday, even though he hasn't swung a bat or run the bases since May. If he's available to pitch, and McClung and Suppan would be as well, why not start one of them and have Gallardo ready in case they struggle early?

Jim Powell says the Brewers' season may hinge on the fans ability to support them at Miller Park this week. I tend to think the fans' ability to support them at Miller Park this week will hinge on the Brewers ability to play like a winning team. So we have a chicken and the egg problem.

Of course, there could always be worse outcomes: Futility Infielder takes a look at the Mets and Brewers and doesn't think either of them can win.

On injuries:

Pirates OF Brandon Moss has been advised to have season-ending knee surgery. He's seeking a second opinion.
Carlos Silva's season is over after he was scratched from his start Thursday with back problems.

That noise you heard all through the night was rejoicing coming from everywhere but New York: For the first time since 1993, baseball fans will get to enjoy a postseason without the New York Yankees. Columnists will write about other teams. ESPN will send reporters to chronicle every minute of someone else's pre-game meal...or they'll just all cover the Red Sox. Damn, maybe this isn't better after all.

Brewed Sports found a post on a Cubs board suggesting the Cubs should go out of their way this week to keep the Brewers out of the playoffs. The conspiracy level required to pull that off is a little higher than I can believe in.

The Reds recently finished their home season in front of just 2000 fans. I'm not an expert, but I'm going to guess if they had given away tickets to a game next year, as the Brewers will do on Thursday, they would have drawn better.

I've heard it suggested that if you want to work in baseball, the best way to get your foot in the door is to take any open job, anywhere, and work your way up. This job is the exception to that rule.

Drink up.