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Game Thread #PS minus 4: Pirates at Brewers (tied!)

Once again, the situation merits a wrap-up:

  • 6:10 CT: Cubs at Mets. Harden takes on Pedro. Rain is in the forecast--a lot of it--so we'll see what happens here.
  • 7:05 CT: Pirates at Brewers. Zach Duke against the returning hero. Duke hasn't had a QS against the Crew since 2006.
  • Phillies have the night off, and since they lost yesterday, they currently sit 1.5 ahead of the Mets. That, of course, means they're also 1.5 ahead of us, which is close enough to make the Mets-win-East, Brewers-win-WC scenario plausible.

Focusing more, though, all eyes will be on Yovani Gallardo. If he pitches well--especially if the Mets lose tonight--it will be one hell of a story. It's impressive no matter what happens. It isn't quite Kirk-Gibson-homer territory (we are playing the Pirates, after all), but then again, there aren't a lot of clutch Brewers moments that would better it.

Go Brewers!