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Friday's Frosty Mug

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I have to be on the road in a little more than an hour. I have so much to do. Yet here I sit, compiling Brewer links. Yup, I need this shirt.

Win Expectancy Graph
BR Box Score

Apparently Mark Attanasio was at last night's game. If he, or you, need a list of reasons to be worried after the Brewers dropped a game at home to a bad last place team, Tom H. has you covered.

Manny Parra is already 23 2/3 innings over what he threw last season. This is about the time when you start limiting innings on a young pitcher, right? Wrong. There is no plan to keep Parra's arm from falling off, and MLB FanHouse thinks the Brewers should go ahead and schedule a visit to Dr. James Andrews in advance.

Brewed Sports caught CC Sabathia on Pardon the Interruption yesterday, and (potentially mis)quoted Sabathia as saying he'd like to stay if the Brewers win the World Series. While we wait to see how that plays out, we can add Geoff Baker to the list of bloggers considering CC for NL MVP.

The most recent Bugs and Cranks Power Rankings have the Brewers holding steady at 7. The (once again) reworked Whisnant Rankings have the Brewers at 11.

On injuries:

Ronnie Belliard might be done for the season with a right groin strain.
Ian Kinsler will have surgery to repair a sports hernia and is done for the season.
Rays CF B.J. Upton continues to play with a torn labrum that is affecting his ability to hit for power.

A revelation occurred in the office of CBS Sportsline's Scott Miller, who suddenly realized that six teams not from Chicago will make the playoffs this season, and one of them could prevent the Cubs and White Sox from playing a World Series no one outside of Chicago would care about.

Could the manager of the year come from the fourth best team in a division? Jose de Jesus Ortiz makes the case for Cecil Cooper. Granted, the Astros have turned their season around in impressive fashion, but Cooper was also the manager when they were awful in April and May.

Oh, and the New York Sun may cease publication at the end of September.

Drink up. See you Monday.