BA's Top 10 Brewer Prospects

Baseball America's prospect list for the Brewers isn't due out until January 19th, but our BA mole, Tom Haudricourt, gave us a sneak peek at the Brewers' top 10:

1. SS Alcides Escobar
2. 3B Mat Gamel
3. C Brett Lawrie
4. RHP Jeremy Jeffress
5. C Angel Salome
6. OF Lorenzo Cain
7. OF Cutter Dykstra
8. 3B Taylor Green
9. OF Cole Gillespie
10. C Jonathan Lucroy

as compared to our Top 10:

01. Alcides Escobar SS (22)
02. Mat Gamel 3B (23)
03. Jeremy Jeffress RSP (21)
04. Angel Salome C (23)
05. Brett Lawrie C (19)
06. Jonathan Lucroy C (23)
07. Lorenzo Cain CF (23)
08. Taylor Green 3B (22)
09. Jake Odorizzi RSP (19)
10. Cole Gillespie LF (25)

The most notable thing about both lists is three catchers (yay!) and only one (or two) pitchers (boo!).  The lack of pitching especially hurts because, well, we're kind of short on pitching on the major-league level too.

Although the order is a little different, the players are the same except that BA likes Cutter Dykstra (#11 on our list) better than Jake Odorizzi.  Tom H. believes our last home-grown catcher was Mike Methany.  That was a long time ago.