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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while wondering what someone has to do to make the Walk of Fame.

Let's just group all the bad trade ideas together. Michael Hunt thinks the Brewers should trade Fielder, and grossly overestimates Fielder's value. Brewed Sports thinks the Brewers should trade Bill Hall to Texas for Michael Young, and a message board poster is "tired of sitting here waiting for the White Sox 2 do sumthimg."

Some minor league notes: One way or another, I'm ready for the Ben Sheets saga to be over so I can finally stop reading comparisons with Derek Lowe.

On slow news days, I play "Where are they now?" with minor league transactions. On really slow news days, I have to dig a little deeper: Were you hoping to catch this season's Cerveceros or Negro League days? Mark your calendar for June 27 and July 25, respectively.

On the hot stove:

Angels: Have denied having any interest in Jermaine Dye.
Astros: Signed Russ Ortiz to a minor league deal.
Mets: Are reportedly close to a one year, $2 million deal with Alex Cora.
Padres: Are reportedly interested in signing Craig Counsell to compete for a starting job at second base. They also signed Mark Prior and Chris Burke to minor league deals.
Pirates: Signed Craig Monroe to a minor league deal.
Rays: Designated Jae Kuk Ryu for assignment to make room for Gabe Kapler, who will actually make $18 more than initially reported.
Reds: May be interested in 41-year-old outfielder Luis Gomzalez.

It's been almost a week since he signed with the Brewers, but the Padres finally released statements yesterday thanking Trevor Hoffman for his contributions to the Padres.

If he could ride a bull, he would have been more valuable to the Red Sox: Fenway Sports Group is reportedly planning to form a partnership with Professional Bull Riders, the world's top bull riding circuit that unfortunately happens to share an acronym with Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Oh, and let's just say there are questions about Superman's virtue.

Drink up.