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Announcing a new project and a new contributor

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So, with the conclusion of our Community Prospect Rankings and 27 more days to wait until pitchers and catchers report, we need a new project. Thankfully, something came up at just the right time.

As many of you may have seen, Beyond the Box Score has started a community project to predict all 30 MLB teams, and they've asked team blogs to pitch in with their community projections. BCB is proud to be part of the projections for the Brewers.

We're also proud to have a new contributor to help out with the process. Many of you know jihad from his work on FanPosts or in the comments on this site. As of today, I've invited him to join us as a contributor. The community projections will be his project over the next few weeks, starting later today. Expect a post sometime this afternoon explaining the methods and system he's working with.

So, I hope you'll join me in welcoming jihad to the team, and work with him to make the Community Projections a useful and worthwhile endeavor. Thanks!