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Saturday Afternoon Trivia

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Last week it was Friday Night Trivia, but last night, I forgot.

Let's start by talking about Brett Lawrie.  Catcher, Brewer, Canadian.  I can't imagine a more pleasing combination.  (Actually, I can--throw a catcher's glove on Danielle Lawrie and give that girl a contract!)  He's a perfect fit for an organization led by Canadians Doug Melvin and Gord Ash. 

More specifically, he's from British Columbia.  By my count, 27 players born in BC have appeared in the big leagues.  Some pretty big stars (Larry Walker, for one), and the typical handful of no-names.

Let's try multiple levels of trivia excitement:

  • Beginner: Eight BCers played in the major leagues last year.  Name three.
  • Medium: What British Columbia native will be competing for a job at Brewers big league spring training?  (No peeking at the sidebar!)
  • Advanced (okay, super-advanced): Who was the last BC-born player to catch a game in the big leagues?