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Sunday Night Trivia

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Well, if nobody's going to post anything, it's time for some more trivia.

Felix Pie will get us started.  He's turning 24 in a couple of weeks, still pretty young for a guy who has been kicking around the upper levels of the minors for so long.  In fact, when he spent much of the season with the big club in 2007, he was one of the youngest players in the league.

But...he wasn't even the youngest player to make an appearance on his team.  And he was another couple rungs down the "youngest" list in the division.  So again today, we have three questions, but not in order of difficulty this time.

  1. Who was the youngest player to make an appearance with the Cubs in Pie's debut year, 2007?
  2. Which '07 debut Milwaukee Brewer was even younger than the youngest Cubs player?
  3. Who was the youngest to make an appearance in the 2007 NL Central? (Hint: Not the same as 1 or 2.)