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2009 Brewers Uniform Numbers

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Check out the 40-man roster page on Linking there is kind of redundant because you can get plenty of info (including this stuff) on the 40-man roster from this page on the left sidebar. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth posting because every member of the 40-man roster and all non-roster invitees now have numbers next to their names. If lower numbers imply a better chance of making the team, order your Trot Nixon (#3) jerseys now. You might want to wait until next year for Jonathan Lucroy (#87).

Changes: Manny Parra changed from #43 to #26. Angel Salome changed from #50 to #13. Hernan Iribarren changed from #26 to #9. Brad Nelson changed from #40 to #27. Maybe if you're lucky you can score a game-used SALOME #50 jersey and sell it for big money when he makes his 10th and final All-Star appearance.

P.S. Remember to post your projections for Brewers third basemen!