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Thursday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while coping with the fact that your name is Sunshine Megatron.

So, rumor has it the Brewers are close to a two-year deal with Prince Fielder. The JS is reporting that a two-year deal is on the table. For 2009, though, FanGraphs says Fielder's value as a player in arbitration for the first time is much closer to $6 million than $8 million.

Meanwhile, Jim Powell is packing his things and moving on to Atlanta. I'm having a hard time imagining Brewer games on the radio without him. If nothing else, who else will know all of Uecker's recurring jokes? It's fitting that a blog called Pocket Doppler also has a post about Powell.

The Official Site talked to Yovani Gallardo yesterday about the possibility of playing in the WBC for Team Mexico. He seems serious about playing, and the Brewers don't seem to have any intention of trying to stop him.

Trevor Hoffman is 41 years old, and his ERA and FIP both took a significant jump last year, but it's not all bad news: Apparently the velocity on Hoffman's fastball was up last year, higher than it's been in any season since 2004. So there is that.

There hasn't really been any movement on this front in weeks, but I guess that doesn't mean there couldn't be: Tyler Maas of Bugs & Cranks thinks the Brewers should continue to pursue Braden Looper.

FakeTeams says Ryan Braun is the best NL outfielder in 2008 for your fantasy team. I guess that's not really a surprise. Scroll down the list a little farther, though, and you'll find Corey Hart at #8, and I think that might surprise some people.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some Brewers on lists you don't want to be on: Jayson Stark has compiled lists of dubious achievements in the '00s, and Mike Cameron (third most strikeouts), Jeff Suppan (second most home runs allowed) and Jason Kendall (second most errors by a catcher) are alongside former Brewers Henry Blanco (lowest batting average w/ 2000+ PA), Russell Branyan (second lowest batting average w/ 2000+ PA) and Francisco Cordero (second most blown saves). (h/t IIATMS)

On the hot stove:

Dodgers: Jeff Kent is expected to announce his retirement today. They also signed Brad Ausmus.
Padres: Signed Henry Blanco to a one-year deal.

Think you could handle the hot stove better yourself? Then you might be interested in trying MLB Front Office Manager. I know I want a copy. (h/t Crawfish Boxes)

So Laynce Nix was never very impressive as a Brewer, but maybe he was just in the wrong league. Inexplicably, Laynce Nix owns Gil Meche. In 14 plate appearances against Meche, Nix has four times as many home runs (4) as he hit in his entire 61 plate appearance career in Milwaukee (1).

New Mariner David Aardsma has an interesting claim to fame: When he made his major league debut, he replaced Hank Aaron as the first player in major league baseball history, alphabetically. Lookout Landing takes a look at some other things that are first on lists.

Obviously, there's a market-size gap in baseball, but frequently the difference between a big payroll and a small one isn't market size, it's the difference between seeing a high payroll as an investment or an expense. Follow the link to see a post on why the Blue Jays are on the wrong side of that argument.

Oh, and the current economic situation means it's not a good time to be a minor league baseball player.

Drink up.