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BCB Projections: Shortstops, Closing 2B

Introduction, CA | 1B | 2B | 3B

Our average line for Rickie Weeks also falls right in line with the rest of the projections. Rickie slugged .400 last year, and all four see a decent improvement. Maybe this year, when we're least expecting it, he'll have his breakout. Not that all of these lines are above average for a second basemen.

BCB: .257/.362/.425

CHONE: .257/.368/.431

Marcel: .249/.357/.414

ZiPS: .246/.359/.409

Next on the list are the shortstops. Once again, we have a bit of a backup dilemma-- Bill Hall and Alcides Escobar could play here, Casey McGehee has in the past, and Melvin could bring back Craig Counsell or a similar veteran.

For conveinence, I'll keep listing the format every day. If you project Bill Hall for playing time, we don't need his production projection again if you've already provided one in the third base thread, which is still open, the link is at the top of this post.

.avg/.obp/.slg (PA) Hardy
.avg/.obp/.slg (PA) Backups

.300/.350/.400 (75)  Starter last name
.270/.330/.400 (25)  Backup last name

Feel free to jump in even if you haven't projected anyone else so far. Thanks for helping out.

J.J. Hardy

2008: .283/.343/.478

Career: .270/.329/.446

30th 0.264 0.324 0.426
40th 0.269 0.332 0.440
50th 0.278 0.343 0.463
60th 0.286 0.352 0.486
70th 0.294 0.361 0.504

Bill Hall

Alcides Escobar

2008 MLE: .282/.318/.361

Career minors: .298/.330/.378