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Things I had hoped to avoid having to say

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So, a large part of the reason I love writing here is because we have a diverse community of people here who bring a wide variety of perspectives on every topic, and we all come here to talk about the Brewers and make terrible puns.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, we don't have many problems here, but with that said, I've delivered more warnings in the last 48 hours than I had delivered in the entire time I'd been in charge, so I think it might be time to review the rules and expectations for conduct in this space.

We're all here to talk baseball. While you're here, please do so respectfully.

As such, please don't name-call. We all disagree on different things and there's room for conversation on an awful lot of them. But the fact that someone disagrees with you doesn't make them an idiot or any of the 500 other names you may consider calling them. And even if the person you're debating is an idiot, telling them so won't solve the problem.

Keep cursing to a minimum, and don't curse at people. Ever. I've done my share of cursing during a Yosting or while thinking Mike Cameron was going to be traded for Melky Cabrera. I'm not interested in playing profanity police in the cases where it's victimless crime. With that said, cursing at another member of the community is absolutely uncalled for, and I see a comment where you do it, I will delete it.

Or, to simplify: I want our readers and community members to have a non-hostile environment to talk about the Brewers, so let's keep it that way. I like being able to participate in conversations in the comments. I don't particularly like having to police them.

I take a lot of pride in the community we have here. I think this is one of the better places to have intelligent conversation about the Brewers. Please help me keep it that way.