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The Brewer Advent Calendar #20: Bill Hall

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So we're under three full weeks until pitchers and catchers report. Behind door #20 in the Brewer Advent Calendar is...Bill Hall!



Bill Hall came up to the big leagues in 2002 as a shortstop. In 2003 he split time between shortstop and second base, and did the same in 2004. In 2005 he was a shortstop and a third baseman, in 2006 he was back to being just a shortstop, before moving to the outfield in 2007 and back to third base in 2008.

All told, Bill Hall has played over 100 games in a Brewer uniform at four different positions. He's one of just two Brewers who have played 100 games at second base, shortstop and third:

Player Seasons 2B SS 3B
Bill Hall 2002-2008 101 261 197
Mark Loretta 1995-2002 181 307 113

Of course, Loretta never played center field, and Bill Hall didn't play first base (Loretta had 136 games there). Loretta also leads Hall by one in career innings pitched.