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BCB Projections: Left Fielders, Closing 3B

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The third basemen results are in. Everyone projected Hall, Lamb, and Gamel for playing time.

BIll Hall

BCB: .262/.329/.454

CHONE: .248/.320/.439

ZiPS: .248/.315/.445

Mike Lamb

BCB: .260/.328/.399


ZiPS: .268/.330/.389

Mat Gamel

BCB: .274/.334/.442

CHONE: .262/.328/.414

ZiPS: .260/.314/.424

Next on the schedule are the left fielders. Project Braun and don't worry too much about who the actual backups are between Chris Duffy, Tony Gwynn Jr., Trot Nixon, and whoever else shows up at camp. It's fine to just say "Backups" and not specify a player.

.avg/.obp/.slg (PA) Braun
.avg/.obp/.slg (PA) Backups

.300/.350/.400 (75)  Starter last name
.270/.330/.400 (25)  Backup last name

Have fun reading Ryan's 70th percentile projection. For fun, his 90th percentile CHONE projection is .328/.392/.652.

Click the link at the top to help out on our shortstop projections, which are severely lacking. We'll finish up position players early next week.

Chris Duffy

Tony Gwynn Jr.

Trot Nixon

Jason Bourgeois

Ryan Braun

Career: .301/.350/.588
2008: .285/.335/.553

30th 0.277 0.331 0.511
40th 0.286 0.340 0.534
50th 0.294 0.351 0.556
60th 0.303 0.362 0.581
70th 0.312 0.373 0.610