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A troubling report on Alcides Escobar

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I'm hesitant to bring this up or link to it at all, but Bleacher Report  (h/t Right Field Bleachers) has a report from Leury Escobar, wife of Alcides Escobar, that makes a series of rather concerning allegations:

  • The report alleges Escobar has abandoned his wife and newborn daughter, who was born a month premature in December.
  • The report also alleges "Everyone believes that the little time he spent in the majors made his head swell to the max" and Escobar was kicked off his team in Venezuela for "bad conduct."

It's worth noting that this report isn't confirmed, no one from the Brewers organization has commented on it (to the best of my knowledge) and even if there are kernels of truth to it, we're only hearing one side of the story.

I likely wouldn't treat this story as newsworthy at all if not for the note about Escobar getting kicked off his Venezuelan team. Escobar still appears on Lara's roster, but has not appeared in a game since December 29, and has not had a plate appearance since December 19. He also hit .229/.289/.302 in 116 at bats in Venezuela, so it's possible his lack of playing time is due to performance, not conduct.

With that said, this report is at best troubling, and I feel like it would be a mistake not to, at the very least, make notice of it. However, I feel like I should mention again that this is only one side of the story, and it comes from someone who has motive to make Escobar look as bad as possible. As such, it may not be entirely or at all true, and we should wait for some kind of confirmation or comment before we treat any of it as fact.