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BCB Projections: Center Fielders, Closing SS

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J.J. Hardy's projection is in.

BCB: .281/.347/.455

CHONE: .278/.343/.463

ZiPS: .277/.337/.479

This one is really interesting. We like Hardy's on-base skill more than the two systems do, but they have his slugging higher. I'm guessing they see good line drive rates, two good power years, and project improvement as he hits his prime power years. We remember his lack of power in the second half of 2007, but still give him a nice, solid line.

We're down to two position players left to project. Today we come to the centerfielders. The backups here are unclear yet; Chris Duffy and Tony Gwynn Jr. will apparently fight for the spot and Hernan Iribarren has played there in the past. Again, don't feel like you have to specify which player gets the backup job, just project the line. TGJ, Duffy, and Iribarren project pretty similarly, anyway.

.avg/.obp/.slg (PA) Cameron
.avg/.obp/.slg (PA) Backups

.300/.350/.400 (75)  Starter last name
.270/.330/.400 (25)  Backup last name

If at all possible, please help us project-- even if you haven' projected anyone else. Thanks for your participation. Note-- I'm just listing Cameron last because aligning the table left screws everything up if I put something after it. Left field is still open through tonight, and I'll post right fielders tomorrow afternoon.

Chris Duffy

Tony Gwynn Jr.

Hernan Iribarren

Mike Cameron

2008: .243/.337.477

30th 0.226 0.312 0.392
40th 0.232 0.321 0.415
50th 0.240 0.331 0.436
60th 0.248 0.341 0.452
70th 0.255 0.351 0.474