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BCB Projections: Right Fielders, Closing LF

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Wrapping up our Ryan Braun projections:

BCB: .298/.353/.585

Chone: .294/.351/.556

ZiPS: .306/.358/.620

And I will take ours against the other two once again. ZiPS really likes Braun-- their optimistic projection for him expected 52 home runs. I think we're all optimistic on the average, but I like our chances to beat the other two projection systems here.

We're down to our final position players: the right fielders. Hart's struggles in the second half, coupled with his quote "I'm not going to sit there and walk", has led to some pessimism. The projection systems think he'll be alright, will our community projections agree?

.avg/.obp/.slg (PA) Hart
.avg/.obp/.slg (PA) Backups

Tomorrow I'll wrap up center field and right field, so be sure to get the projections in for both by tomorrow. We're not quite done projecting yet, though-- we still have to decide on defense and lineup positions, which I'll set up tomorrow. For the defense, I'll list the CHONE projections and then we can decide whether any of them should be adjusted; I think a case can be made to change a few them. Then we need to project all the pitchers. I'd appreciate some feedback-- would you prefer to do all of the starters in one day? We're just going to ask for ERA and innings pitched, so they can be pretty quick. I think we'll schedule the starters for Thursday, but if there's a consensus in the comments to split them up, we'll finish them on Friday. Then we'll get the bullpen and wrap up the whole project, though we might have to make some changes based on transactions before opening day.

Thanks again for your participation, please help out if you can. The link to centerfielders is on the top of the page, and both threads will remain open until tomorrow afternoon.

Corey Hart

Career: .277/.323/.485
2008: .268/.300/.459

30th 0.264 0.318 0.437
40th 0.271 0.326 0.455
50th 0.278 0.335 0.479
60th 0.283 0.343 0.490
70th 0.292 0.353 0.516