Regarding the Oliver Perez rumor

It's become pretty regular that anything regarding a Scott Boras client and other teams comes from a single source.  Tom H dispelled the rumors today, but there's a pretty repeatable pattern to these rumors.   Courtesy of Jamey Newberg. 

  • There’s a splashy rumor making the Internet (and now radio) waves today, involving the Brewers and a very high-profile free agent hitter. 
  • There’s a very high-profile agent about whose clients splashy rumors often pop up courtesy of a specific high-profile writer who works for a high-profile sports publication. 
  • A rumor that catches bloggy fire and talk show steam benefits the writer (scoop!) and (theoretically, if any interested teams buy the reports) the agent and his client.
  • I’m not going to come out and explicitly say those three notes are related.  
  • Even if they are.
    Here's Tom H conclusion about the rumors, which I find very appropriate.
    “I think this is mostly a smokescreen provided by Perez’s agent, Scott Boras… Boras is probably trying to create a market that isn’t there for his client, which is an agent’s job.”

So next time you read something off of SI, remember where the rumors come from.