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The Brewer Advent Calendar #16: Brad Nelson

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Thanks to TheJay for filling in on yesterday's calendar. Behind today's door is...Brad Nelson!



Brad Nelson is the pride of Algona, Iowa, population 5741 (2000 census). Iowa is technically part of the Brewers home market, but it hasn't actually been home to very many Brewers. In fact, Nelson is just the tenth player in franchise history to come from Iowa.

Player Season(s)
Brad Nelson 2008
Wes Obermueller 2003-2005
Ben Ford 2004
Cal Eldred 1991-1999
Kevin Wickander 1995-1996
Mike Boddicker 1993
Rich Folkers 1977
Bob Locker 1969-1970
Jerry McNertney 1969-1970
Fred Stanley 1969-1970

Jerry McNertney holds the career record for most home runs by a Brewer born in Iowa, with 14. Locker, however, holds the record for coolest name.