I can't believe Brewers fans are just succumbing to their fate??

As a Cubs fan I am totally miffed of the attitude about the Brewers moves.  The Brewers were one of the best upcoming teams in baseball.  Attendance goes through the roof fans care again and season ticket sales nearly double.  Now, after you make it to the playoffs one year out of 25, the team and ownership has decided to essentially re-build?  That is really an awful way to do business and reward loyal fans.

I would be 10x more angry.  Depending on those starting pitchers to be anything other then awful is really not taking a good hard look in the mirror.  Jon Garland signed for about what the Brewers paid Hoffman and that in itself is enough to make any smart Brewers fan throw up.  It was truly a pathetic off-season. 

Can anyone here actually tell me the Crew have a shot in the NL Central this season?  **crickets**