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The Brewer Advent Calendar #14: Mike Rivera

Behind door #14 we find...Mike Rivera!



EDIT: That's actually Damian Miller. My mistake. Pretend it's Mike Rivera.

At least we know we didn't pull him away from anything important.

On Jason Kendall's page, we briefly discussed how much Kendall plays. But there must be two sides to every coin, so it's only fair to point out how little Mike Rivera played. What's even more interesting is how well he hit in limited opportunities. Rivera hit .306/.377/.435 in 2008 despite ten different stretches where he went ten days or more without an AB. Only eight catchers in all of baseball posted an OPS higher than Rivera's .812. Here are the worst ten OPS seasons from 2008 by catchers who played more often than Rivera:

Player Team AB OPS
Luke Carlin San Diego 94 .472
J.R. Towles Houston 146 .503
Rob Bowen Oakland 91 .505
Guillermo Quiroz Baltimore 134 .528
Josh Bard San Diego 178 .549
Mike Rabelo Florida 109 .550
Humberto Quintero Houston 168 .568
Michael Barrett San Diego 94 .572
Jose Molina New York (AL) 268 .576
Ronny Paulino Pittsburgh 118 .582