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Friday Night Trivia

Jamie Moyer is, in baseball terms, really old.  He turned 46 years old last November.  He made 16 big-league starts before Alcides Escobar was born.

Moyer has always been comfortably younger than his managers--in Philly, the 60-something Charlie Manuel is running things, and when Moyer finished his time in Seattle, he was managed by Mike Hargrove, who was born in 1949.

But...last season, there were seven big-league skippers younger than Moyer.  Four in the AL, three in the NL.  How many can you name?

Bonus questions:

  • Who was the youngest manager in the American League?
  • Who was the youngest manager in the National League...and which 2008 Brewers player is he younger than?

Super-bonus question:

  • Which two current big-league managers were Moyer's teammates in their playing days?