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The Brewer Advent Calendar #13: Yovani Gallardo

The number 13 is widely seen as unlucky, so it's only fitting that door #13 houses 2008's unluckiest Brewer, Yovani Gallardo.



Gallardo made just four regular season starts and pitched just 24 innings in 2008, but he's got big shoes to fill in 2009, when he will likely be the Brewers' Opening Day starter and staff ace. All told, Gallardo is probably expected to fill at least 200 innings for the Brewers in 2009.

Thirty four pitchers stacked up 200 innings in 2008, Twenty three teams had at least one pitcher reach that mark, but the White Sox were the only team to have three (Gavin Floyd, Javier Vazquez and Mark Buehrle).

Here's the more relevant note, though: Those 34 pitchers averaged 170.6 innings in 2007. Fifteen of the 34 pitched at least 200 innings in 2007. The median pitchers who pitched 200 innings in 2008 are Felix Hernandez and Kyle Lohse, who pitched 190.3 and 192.7 innings in 2007, respectively.

Only six pitchers reached 200 innings in 2008 without reaching 100 in 2007:

Pitcher Team 2007 IP 2008 IP
Ricky Nolasco Florida 21.3 212.3
Jon Lester Boston 63 210.3
Ryan Dempster Chicago (NL) 66.7 206.7
Gavin Floyd Chicago (AL) 70 206.3
Mike Pelfrey New York (NL) 72.7 200.7
Cliff Lee Cleveland 97.3 223.3