Rumorville: Trevor Hoffman [updated]

Hey, it looks like Trevor Hoffman would be OK in Milwaukee after all:

...Hoffman has "mutual interest" in the Brewers, who have targeted the all-time saves leader as their top choice to fill their vacant closer's role.

Thurman and Hoffman apparently have been doing their due diligence on the Brewers, talking to folks in the organization to gauge the atmosphere, plans for 2009, etc. Hoffman went as far as talking to new manager Ken Macha.

Hoffman's stats are here. As usual, there are caveats: his ERA last season of 3.77 was a full run higher than his career average, and his highest since 1995.  Plus, his numbers are no doubt helped by pitching in San Diego for so long. Then again, there's nothing wrong with his road numbers either.  Plus, his WHIP and BAA were down from last season, when he posted a 2.98 ERA.

I have to say, I'd be pretty pleased to have Hoffman as our closer, even if he is a Type A closer.

UPDATE: It seemed like both the Dodgers and Brewers made offers to Hoffman, both one-year deals in excess of $4 million.  The thinking is that if the offers are close, Hoffman, a California native, will sign with LA.  However, an hour ago, the Brewers were reported to be "going hard after Hoffman" (I assume by upping their offer), making a "stronger move" to secure his services.  Hoffman is expected to decide by the end of the week.