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After-Hours Astrology: Ben Sheets

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So let's say you're Ben Sheets. Yes, I know your elbow hurts...and your back. What? You're dizzy? Perhaps you should sit down...and stop pretending you're Ben Sheets, before you really do hurt yourself. At any rate, if you were Ben Sheets, you'd still be a free agent amidst signs that the market for your services may never actually heat up. But today could be a good day to get things started. Sheets was born on July 18, making him a Cancer (no jokes, please):

You may feel as though you could conquer the world today. This is a great time to get things done as quickly as possible. This should be one of those very welcome days during which you feel good and so does everyone else. Be sure to keep an open mind about all ideas or proposals--paying attention the details involved. Use the confidence you feel now to get the most pressing projects at work completed--there is considerable success yet to be enjoyed. You feel nothing but warmth, generosity and affection toward everybody around you and they in turn reflect it all back to you. Your benevolence extends to strangers as well--everyone you attract will be in a good mood. Relations with partners are both easygoing and rewarding.

I know I broke down Doug Melvin's horoscope line by line, but all of this seems to point in the same direction. Let's get a deal done with Ben Sheets, right now.