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Rockies 9, Brewers 2

W: Aaron Cook (11-6)
L: Manny Parra (11-11)

HR: Ryan Braun (31), Brad Hawpe (22)

MVP: Prince Fielder (+.036)
LVP: Manny Parra (-.275)

Win Expectancy Graph
SBNation Coverage

Manny Parra...*sigh.*

This one was over early, as Manny Parra allowed five earned runs on six hits and five walks in just 2.2 innings, including walking Aaron Cook, the opposing pitcher, with the bases loaded, TWICE. (John Axford would later do it a third time.)

At the plate, the Brewers managed just five hits, one of them being a solo home run by Ryan Braun. Prince Fielder and Mike Cameron (who finished with two doubles) reached in the ninth to drive in a second run and become the only Brewers to reach base twice in the game as the Brewers managed just one walk and an HBP to go with those hits.

With the loss, the Brewers clinched a losing season and the Rockies clinched the NL Wild Card.