A new reason to join the Bring Back Seth McClung Facebook group


So, as mentioned last week, there's now a Facebook group devoted to convincing the Brewers to retain the services of Seth McClung. Over 100 people have already joined, and that's great, but if you've been holding out, we have a new reason for you to join. As I'm sure you know, McClung loves Milwaukee and hopes to return next season, and because of that, he's agreed to help us out. One week from today, one name will be drawn from the membership of the group, and that winner will receive an autographed baseball, courtesy of McClung and BCB. All you have to do to be eligible is go to the link above and join the group. You have until Monday at 5 pm to enter, at which point I will draw a winner. So head on over and enter today! (Thanks to Seth and Dan Walsh of The Daily Drink, who made this possible.)