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Monday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while never getting on an airplane again.

Tom Haudricourt says an announcement is imminent on the hiring of Rick Peterson as the new Brewer pitching coach. Is anyone else as unsure about this as I am? I know Peterson is highly regarded and all that, but the concept of one more guy coming in to tinker with the deliveries of the young pitchers makes me shudder. If Peterson announces a plan to overhaul Yovani Gallardo's delivery, someone may have to come pull me away from the ledge.

Meanwhile, Bryan Price, who also interviewed for the position, has accepted the same job with the Reds. So, if Peterson isn't the pick after all, the search will likely go back to the drawing board. The Pirates filled their pitching coach vacancy internally, promoting AAA pitching coach (and former Brewer) Ray Searage.

Somehow, an unlikely story from an unlikely source got legs this weekend and ran all over the blogosphere. As noted in Rumorville, at least one person thought the Brewers might be close to a deal to acquire Zach Greinke from the Royals. For once, I'm completely with Tom H. on this one. I read over 300 baseball sites daily but Bleacher Report isn't one of them, and "rumors" like this one are exactly why.

Elsewhere on the hot stove, Roguejim made the case for retaining Felipe Lopez, and View From Bernie's Chalet video-blogged on the possibility of retaining Mike Cameron.

Meanwhile, no one seems to be making the case for retaining Jason Kendall, even though Baseball Reflections ranked him fifth among free agent catchers. The $4.25 million Kendall made in 2009 was the ninth highest catcher salary in all of baseball last season.

Tristarscoop had a note over the weekend on athletes and Twitter, wondering if Seth McClung has hurt his chances of returning by taking that route and being as honest as he's been with the fans. McClung responded in three parts, and I'm glad to see he doesn't appear to plan on changing anytime soon.

Speaking of McClung, you have until 5 pm today to join the Bring Back Seth McClung Facebook group to be eligible to win a baseball autographed by the group's namesake. As I write this, 324 members have joined. Will you be 325?

Over at Cute Sports, Tristarscoop also picked up on a nice story involving Craig Counsell and a Special Olympian.

Around baseball:

Cubs: Released So Taguchi.
D-Backs: Brandon Webb doesn't expect to sign a long term extension this winter, and could be a free agent following next season.
Dodgers: Declined Will Ohman's option for 2010.

It's widely accepted that the Brewers are pretty lucky to have Mark Attanasio as an owner, and perhaps we should be even more grateful given the mess developing in Los Angeles. True Blue LA has a great read chronicling the history of Dodger ownership. Even if you don't read the whole thing, check out the link for the first picture: Even Tommy Lasorda looks disgusted while sitting next to the McCourts.

Speaking of ownership trouble: Go check your checkbook. If you've got $525-$550 million to spare, you could own the Texas Rangers.

Two weeks ago, I mentioned some speculation that the Brewers could deal J.J. Hardy to the Nationals for John Lannan, sparking a debate in the comments on Lannan's abilities and the difference between a productive starter and a smoke-and-mirrors laden disaster-in-waiting. That debate continues elsewhere, as Jack Moore looks at Lannan's low BABIP over at FanGraphs, and Nick Steiner of The Hardball Times launched an effort to attempt to explain it.

Speaking of disasters-in-waiting, postseason umpiring continues to be a major topic of conversation this October. Aaron Gleeman notes that at least a dozen umpires, including some of baseball's longest tenured, were unavailable for the postseason due to injury issues, but also nails it with this point:
In theory even MLB's non-elite umpires should be capable of doing their job at an acceptable level, so regardless of injuries and workload restrictions Bud Selig and company still need to address the issues that we've seen so far.
The last two candidates are set to interview today for the Astros' managerial vacancy, but Jorge Says No! has gone ahead and handicapped the field. He thinks Manny Acta is both the most deserving candidate and the one most likely to get the job. The best thing we can do is continue to hope for Ned Yost.

Sports media is filled with complaints about whiny, overpaid athletes and whatnot, but it's worth noting that many minor league baseball players are still taking home significantly substandard wages while trying to earn their way to the big leagues. Minor league veteran Garrett Broshuis has a look at living conditions in the minor leagues, and the sacrifices some players make to keep the dream alive.

On this day in 1982, the Cardinals beat the Brewers 13-1 in Game 6 of the World Series.

Happy birthday today to Marc Newfield, who played for the Brewers in 1996, 1997 and 1998 and turns 37, and Horacio Estrada, who appeared in eleven games for the Crew in 1999 and 2000 and turns 34. Both were out of the big leagues for good after their age 25 season, and both are still younger than Craig Counsell, David Weathers and Trevor Hoffman.

I know we all have more time on our hands during the offseason, but if you're as big of a nerd as I am you'll spend that time building a Katamari.

Drink up.