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Thursday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while taking a navigator to IKEA.

Gord Ash chatted with fans yesterday regarding prospects and the offseason, and the transcript is well worth your time. Topics covered include Jeremy Jeffress, the future of baseball in Huntsville, catching prospects and much more.

Meanwhile, Rick Peterson remains the top story. R.J. Anderson of FanGraphs thinks the Brewers made a good hire, but need to find him some talent to work with. Rob Neyer used that post as a jumping off point to discuss the differences between Peterson's great Oakland staffs and the current lackluster one.

Of course, the Brewers could be looking to make a trade for pitching. It probably won't be anything like Casa de Machado's proposed deal.

In the minors and AFL:
  • Jonathan Lucroy went 4-for-4 with a solo home run on Tuesday, but it was Zach Braddock who earned a Star O' the Day award from Jonathan Mayo. Braddock pitched two scoreless innings in a 14-10 game.
  • I'm not an ESPN Insider subscriber, but if you are you can check out Keith Law's AFL diary, which includes a note on Lorenzo Cain.
  • Matt Hagen of The Hardball Times compares the top prospects in the 2009 International and Pacific Coast Leagues, and lists Alcides Escobar as one of the PCL's top stars.
As offseason speculation continues to heat up, Mike Cameron's name continues to be tied to other teams. Marty Noble of thinks Cameron would be a great fit as a Met, because his defensive range is exactly what they need to cover Citi Field's expansive outfield.

Around baseball:

Rangers: Removed pitcher Jason Grilli and C Kevin Richardson from their 40 man roster. Both will be minor league free agents.
White Sox: Claimed outfielder Alejandro de Aza off waivers from the Marlins.

Beyond the Box Score has an interesting "which is worse?" battle going on, in the Small Sample Size division: Would you rather know how a batter has performed in his last two games, or how he's done in a similar number of appearances against a certain pitcher? Sadly, even though neither stat is exceptionally relevant, I still frequently use both in game threads.

Remember Jeff Juden? He was only a Brewer for a short time but he's a pretty fascinating character, as it turns out. has a great interview with him, including some stories he's never told before.

Happy birthday today to two obscure Brewer catchers: 1977 Brewer Jamie Quirk, who turns 55, and 2003 Brewer Keith Osik, who turns 41.

I don't have any more baseball stuff today, but I do have a song for you to sing.

Drink up.