MLBTR's Bad Contract Swap Meet

This could be one of my all time favorite MLBTR posts. Tim Dierkes scoured all of baseball's contracts and cribbed together the worst of the worst, the contracts any GM would love to get rid of. Happily, only Jeff Suppan (1 year, $14.5 million) is listed under the Brewers, though there are some other familiar names, including CoCo (2 years, $25 million) and Scott Linebrink (2 years, $10.5 million). Interestingly, there's only one Yankee on the list (Kei Igawa, 2/$8), versus three Cubs (heh).

This got me thinking: how would you pawn off Suppan's contract using the names on this list, if you could? (I'd assume we couldn't get rid of Suppan's contract unless we took back a multi-year, more expensive contract in return.) Would you trade Suppan for Milton Bradley (2 years/$21 million)? I'd probably take a chance on the board game magnate in center, so long that we have Plan B (Jody Gerut) in case something goes wrong. What can you come up with?