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YBF seeking optimism, long-term relationship


Young Brewers fan in search of reasons to be excited for that elusive "next year."

The first few weeks of the off-season are meant to be a time of eternal Cubs-like optimism that your team will get it together. You’re supposed to be able to dream of the post-season and think of dream trade scenario.

Instead, before the season had even ended, Brewer fans became a pretty dismal, negative, downtrodden mess. Laments about the lack of pitching, how the team wouldn’t be getting any help and how bad 2010 will be are everywhere a Brewer fan looks and it’s starting to get a little disheartening.

Maybe it’s because the season was over long before the final game and fans started looking ahead weeks ago, meaning all the rehashing, contract-analyzing and trade talk came and went before October ever began, but whatever the reason, the post-season’s barely begun and I’m already dreading 2010.

If we can’t even get excited for this team in these first bucolic, starry-eyed, optimistic days of the off-season, what’s the point of even keeping up the fandom? 

Have we become jaded in such a short time?

I’m not trying to be unrealistic – it’s clear the Brewers have a lot of question marks to answer before next season. The FA market looks sparse and with The Mustache saying Prince will more than likely be on next year’s roster, our biggest trade bait is no longer dangling. I get that. I know it appears bleak, but can we maybe wait for a date to be set for pitchers and catchers to report before we resign 2010 to the trash heap?

I need hope, BCB. I need to anticipate next season with something more than apathy and the apparent anger simmering beneath so many fans’ surfaces. 

There have to be positives about 2010, right? Give me something to look forward to!