Rumorville: Kelly Shoppach

I'm not sure if there are a dozen people who read the blog for hot stove news, but fortunately, Rambling Al is one of them. The needle in the haystack:

Shoppach is due $2.5 million or so in arbitration, and the Indians could turn to Marson behind the plate. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Shoppach serving as Milwaukee's catcher on Opening Day.

I guess I see the appeal: he's young-ish (29) and has a lifetime OPS of .776. There aren't many people who'd represent a definite upgrade over Lucroy's potential, but he'd be one of them. That said, I have no idea how we'd pry him away from the Indians. It's hard to imagine DM making another trade that doesn't bring some pitching back. (Maybe we can trade Brent Brewer.)