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Things To Be Thankful For: My favorite Brewer reads

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About this time most weekday mornings, I post the Frosty Mug in this space. The Mug is my claim to fame and the single thing I'm most frequently complimented on when it comes to this site. With that said, the quality of the daily Mugs is largely due to the wide variety of quality Brewer and baseball sites out there. I wouldn't be able to write the Mug without them, so I wanted to take a moment today to thank some of my favorites and Mug mainstays:

Brewer beat writers:

Other Brewer bloggers:

Follow the jump for a larger list of non-Brewer specific journalists and bloggers. And of course, thanks to all of you for reading! The Mug returns in its normal time and format tomorrow, but be sure to check back later today for more holiday content.