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Looking Back at Community Projections: First Basemen


Prince Fielder
Projected: .284/.380/.547
Actual: .299/.412/.602

Obviously, we all got significantly more than we bargained for from Fielder this season. Not only did he start all 162 games and pick every Brewer at bat at first base, he slugged over .600, a full 25 points above the most optimistic of the 13 projections, and surpassed our OBP expectations by 32 points as well.

Playing time:

Player Projected % Actual % Diff
Prince Fielder 93% 100% +7%
Brad Nelson 3.5% 0% -3.5%
Mike Lamb 2.2% 0% -2.2%
Mike Rivera 1.3% 0% -1.3%


I'd say this is pretty self-explanatory. While all of us expected Fielder to play close to full time, none of us expected him to take every plate appearance by a Brewer first baseman this season. Brad Nelson was off the roster early, Mike Lamb didn't even make the team out of spring training and Mike Rivera never saw time at first. Casey McGehee was the only other Brewer to play there this season: He played four innings defensively and did not bat.


Projected .282 .376 .538 .927
Actual .299 .412 .602 1.014
Difference +.017 +.036 +.066 +.087