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Wednesday's Frosty Mug - Strange Brew

Let's give Kate Hudson some credit for A-Rod's postseason performance being less excruciating than a Kate Hudson movie

Something to read when finding all my grammar errors.

Kyle is off for the next couple of days (Where is he? I'm not saying) and I'm the first of numerous fill-ins.  I'll be setting the bar fairly low. Who am I? I'm Dan Walsh from SportsBubbler and among other things for the site, I write The Daily Drink blog. I like to refer to myself as a lowly blogger working for a dying newspaper company. The Daily Drink is more of an All-Wisconsin sports/pop culture-style Frosty Mug. Kyle has filled in for me in the past, so I'm returning the favor. I'll do my best not to stray too far from what he does. Don't hate me just yet, I'm the guy who scored Kyle all the Seth McClung schwag swag for the "Bring Back Seth McClung" Facebook Group.

For those who Tweet, you can follow me @SportsBubbler

Best New Link of The Day: Pizza? In Milwaukee, the new site Doctors of Za has you covered. Added Value? Anthony Witrado jokes. Who could that T. Mario guy be?

Over at MLB Trade Rumors they look at the Center Fielder trade market. It's the biggest non-pitching question mark that the Brewers have besides catcher this offseason. The general consensus is that Mike Cameron is gone and the Brewers are going to give Jody Gerut a shot at the CF position until Cain is ready. When looking at the list from MLBTR, it makes Jody Gerut all that more appealing. There are some absolute dog contracts that I have no interest in seeing on the Brewers payroll.

Brewers Locker wonders if the Brewers should talk to the Dodgers about Juan Pierre. Pierre would bring a .301 career BA and .348 career OBP. He brings s bit of speed on the basepaths. He also brings to the table not an ounce of power. Is he what the Brewers need? Would you take Pierre over Cameron, or Pierre over Gerut?

Adam McCalvy talks about Mark Rogers being picked for the AFL showcase. His numbers in AFL may not have justified it, but his numbers in Brevard County did. Kudos to a kid who has been through hell and back because of injuries.

Adam also points out that Bill James has high hopes for Mat Gamel. The real question is, do the Brewers brass still have high hopes for Gamel?

Bernie's Crew ranks the Top 5 Brewers catching prospects. Lucroy, Salome, Garfield, Zarraga, & Roberts. While over there at SportsBubbler, make sure to check out our other fine Brewers bloggers, The Junkball Blues and Between the Green Pillars.

Mark A talked about small market teams being shut out this postseason. Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio thought about the teams in baseball's final four this year — all large-market clubs — and wondered whether there would be room for his franchise anytime soon. "We don't know if that's a trend or just an aberration," he said. "The disparity among the clubs appears to be widening." Listen, if the Yankees want to spend $200 Million every year and not make it to the World Series most of the time, let them spend it.

Some college kid wrote a blog post "Commish for a Day". He wants to kill the wild card, kill interleague play, kill the divisions, kill the DH, kill replay and move the Brewers back to the National American League. It's like the kid is auditioning for a job as a columnist for a major newspaper.

Tonight the Phillies look to extend the baseball season. I can honestly say I'm not terribly interested in the World Series this year. I'll be watching "Modern Family' tonight instead.

From the Wall Street Journal: Chase Utley - The evolved Reggie Jackson. Utley belted two mammoth home runs Monday night, tying him with Reggie Jackson as the only player to hit five homers in a single World Series. What you won’t get from Utley is the bombast that Jackson exuded on and off the field.

Manual is making a mistake starting Pedro again.

The Pirates acquired Akinori Iwamura for the Rays. It's a nice move for the Pirates, but won't have a tremendous impact on the amount of wins by the Pirates.

The mother of the second best pitcher to come out of the state of Nebraska, is probably going to jail.

Speaking of Bob Gibson, he says pitching on 3 days rest is no big deal.

Rattler Radio sees signs of progress in Appleton.

Answer: Who is Vicente Padilla. Question: What L.A. Dodger is the idiot of the day?

Warning - Non-baseball links from this point on, until the baseball themed music video at the end.

This Apple holds all the Beatles material. I want that.

How much would "The Hangover" cost in real life? $4,825. That seems a little low to me.

If Mad Men met the Office.

Light Sabers? Yeah, they're cool. But when used by pandas, squirrels and Chuck Norris, they're AWESOME.

The 5 best & worst Monkey actors. Glad to see Clyde get some love. Sad to see Grape Ape on the worst list.

Slate looks at stupid people on the internet.

The most mind-warping thing you'll see all day

I close every Morning Coffee with a music video, here's one from Todd Snider about Dock Ellis of the Pirates no-hitting the Padres in June of 1970 on LSD. You can follow along with the lyrics here.

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